About us

In Favius Technologies we focus on increasing efficiency and business value of our customers. We have a long experience in developing smart and highly efficient automation and user oriented solutions.

Our trademark FAVIUS stands for the following keywords:

  • FAST - whatever solutions we create, it must improve the users performance and spare time
  • VISUAL - To achieve maximum overview and focus only on creating better decisions, the user interface must always be appealing
  • USABILITY - to make software work for the people, we follow the highest standards in user interface design, optimization and simplification

Our strengths are in solving problems where we can measure the change in efficiency. If there is some process that takes too much human time for repeating actions, we can help!


Our team has 14 years of experience in creating web based solutions. Our portfolio contains nearly 200 client projects over the years. We are experts in several modern technologies, including: Java EE, PHP, HTML5.

For our customers we provide design, programming and consulting services. If you have a problem with your current system, we can help!


We have experience in developing mobile applications. Our main focus has been on interactive application and our portfolio includes apps for language learning, health monitoring and games.

Our main competence lays in Android development and cross platform mobile development using Unity 3D game engine.

Business Intelligence

Our most important works are about collecting, analysing and presenting data. We have developed a product named Favius BI Suite that contains a base system for BI analysis and we use it to create customer specific solutions.

Our core competences are focused on automated data collection, filtering and visualization. Our team has worked on different reporting and analytical solutions for banking, retail and manufacturing sector. Our portfolio includes solutions for certification, financial analysis and road construction.

Contact us

We are located in Tallinn, Estonia.

To contact us, please send an e-mail to info@favius.com.